Admission and Tuition Fee


Discover chance to study in Universitas Negeri Jakarta for international students. This page is presented by the UNJ international office to guide you through your plan to study in UNJ


Universitas Negeri Jakarta provides an opportunity for foreigners to become UNJ students and stipulates procedures for continuing education at UNJ which must be met by prospective international students

  1. International students are foreigners who undergo educational program at Universitas Negeri Jakarta
  2. Foreigners is a person who is not a citizen of Indonesia who living abroad or living in Indonesia.
  3. The Rector is the Rector of the Universitas Negeri Jakarta.
  4. Director General is Director General of Institutions and Cooperation of Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education.
  5. KITAS is Limited Stay Permit Card. For VITAS user. Issued by the Immigration Office near domicile and should be processed within 7 days after arrival
  6. A visa is a written statement given by an authorized official in the Representative of The Republic of Indonesia or elsewhere specified by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia containing approvals for foreigners raveling to the territory of Indonesia and becoming the basis for the granting of a Stay Permit.
  7. Telex Visa is a Visa recommendation issued by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, Directorate General of Immigration, Jakarta. Document will be sent directly to the Indonesian Embassy / Consulate General in the country of origin after publication
  8. VITAS (Limited Stay Visa) is a Limited Stay Visa. Valid for 6 months or 1 year.

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